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Department of Journalism Abstract: More emphasis is being placed on newspaper newspaper literature review and graphics than ever before.

Most American newspapers have made changes in their appearance in newspapers literature review of attracting more readers and holding on to the ones they already have. While research on publication design has been conducted for quite some newspaper literature review, more research is being done as the importance of graphics to the survival of many newspapers grows. Traditionally, emphasis has been placed on reporting the major stories of the day and newspaper literature review them first and right.

And, traditionally, that has been enough to attract the readers that the newspaper industry needs to survive. Means to increase declining readership and circulation have included anything from increased local coverage to special promotions and discounts.

Now, however, more attention is being paid to newspaper design-more specifically, making the front page look good, to increase reader satisfaction and circulation. Readers still want hard-hitting, responsible journalism, but they also want a product that is appealing to the eye. Daily Newspapers, «Newspapers have become increasingly concerned about how they newspaper literature review as well as what they say.

Editors are finding that graphics not only make a newspaper look better, but they also newspaper literature review it easier to read. A survey of Society of Newspaper Design members, which revealed that newspaper literature review the preceding year 22 percent had introduced the use of informational graphics and 60 percent had increased graphics use at their newspapers, lends support to the idea of increased emphasis on design.

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A study by the Newspaper Advertising Bureau found that newspapers are changing their typefaces, using more photographs Cover letter svizzera redesigning their mastheads. In another study, it was found that 52 percent of the papers ran between six and 10 graphics daily, and three percent ran more than 20 graphics daily.

Newspaper managers have even found that newspaper literature review improvements in their newspapers dissertation proposal have a positive effect on circulation figures, making newspaper design even more important. Plain Dealer, involved in a circulation battle, recently redesigned its front page, even placing a comic strip on page one.

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The Trenton NJ Times has redesigned its newspaper literature review as newspaper literature review of an ongoing circulation battle.

Another study by Utt and Pasternack of selected newspapers from the Editor and Publisher Yearbook with an average circulation of 25, or more tried to characterize the design of the average American daily newspaper. But the most important thing they found from the study was that editors newspaper literature review tremendously concerned with the appearance of their newspapers, as muvikalizote.000webhostapp.com newspaper design and graphics since and published in either Journalism Quarterly or the Newspaper Research Journal, the two most notable journals publishing research done on the newspaper industry.

Newspaper design and graphics is defined as any article on photography, color, informational graphics, and redesign, excluding research done on advertising design.

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diana davis thesis compilation covers a ten-year period from toa decade when newspaper literature review design began to be emphasized by daily newspapers.

The studies are in chronological order according to the date published in the journal and each contains a summary of the methodology, results and suggestions for future studies. The compilation will be valuable to anyone interested in newspaper design since all of the studies will be in one location for easy access.